One of the most challenging things builders and rehabbers can run into is meeting the city requirements and appeasing the building inspectors. We’ve faced our fair share of those challenges over the years, believe me! However, if you take the time to meet with and talk to the inspectors from the very beginning, you can avoid many headaches down the road.

Here are a few tips:

    1. Build Rapport. Go to your city building department and meet all the people when you start a project. Most likely you will have to apply for permits. Do it in person and be as friendly as possible (even if they are not). The idea is to build rapport over time. This may be less helpful in the early stages, but can pay off big time later on.
    2. Be There. Always try to be onsite when the city inspectors are scheduled to come out. Just saying hi and being around in case they have a question is very helpful. Sometimes the inspector can pass you if they talk to you and know what you are planning to do in a case where something wasn’t completed or missed at the time of the inspection.
    3. Always Clarify. Always make sure you clearly understand what the inspector wants. If you are not sure what the inspector is looking for, ask. Call them and make sure you know what repairs/changes/extras they are looking for before you call them back to re-inspect.

We’ve learned over the years how to work with the various municipalities in our area. We like to think we do a good job of meeting and exceeding their expectations. Building a good reputation with the city and their inspectors will only help make your life easier as your business grows.