In a seller’s market (like the one we are experiencing now in the metro Detroit area), it can seem nearly impossible to find properties to invest in when rehabbing houses. You have to find the property at a low enough price, still do a great job fixing it up and then sell it for a profit. The last two things are still fine (especially since homes are selling quickly and for top dollar), but the first task can be difficult… if you don’t know where to look.

This is our business and we are dealing with this every day. So we know how to beat those bushes and turn over every stone. We are lucky to have a huge network of agents & brokers who have worked with us over the years and can reach out to us when they got something coming on the market.

We also understand the value of marketing. Our Facebook ads, Google ads, postcard marketing campaigns, etc are designed to reach the appropriate audiences. A strong marketing plan targeted to the appropriate people will produce results that give us a chance to acquire properties at the appropriate discounts.

Another way that we get inventory is through other investors/wholesalers who have properties that they have acquired at massive discounts and can sell to us with enough margins for us to rehab and sell for a profit. Those connections require time and effort to nurture and build over time. The more you work with someone, the more they can go out there and find properties for you.

Now, having said all of that and acknowledging how much we love single-family residential rehabs, we also understand the need and desire to branch out into other aspects of real estate investing. We are actively seeking out and investing in notes, rentals, multi-family, commercial, residential developments, NNN leases, etc.

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